Ponds can make a beautiful, unique and eye-catching addition to any property. A Shimp Excavating, we regularly work with both commercial and residential clients to create ponds that add beauty, not hassle, to everyday life. Our company is based in Bronson, MI, although we regularly travel to serve clients 75-100 miles away in Mid-Michigan, Northern Ohio, and Northern Indiana.

New Construction

Have land that you don’t know what to do with? Ponds can add an aesthetic value that is priceless. Our professionally experienced team can help with new construction plans from start to finish – ultimately leaving you with a pond that perfectly suits your property. In addition to completing ponds, we can also complete lakes and channels with the help of necessary permits.

Pond Maintenance

Have an existing pond that is giving you a headache? Let us help. We can dig out an established pond to make the pond deeper and clean out unwanted weeds or build up. We also offer natural riprap seawalls along the bank of channels, lakes, or ponds. Our seawalls allow you to keep your body of water contained in a permanent, aesthetically pleasing, and natural way.

Whatever you need!

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